Information for Salons

Designed and built on the work floor to automate the many daily tasks and actions so you can spend more time on your customers

Always everywhere is a cloud solution and therefore always and everywhere accessible on any PC, tablet or phone

Clear costs

Membership is clear and straightforward with a Flat Fee Subscription of € 9.95 per month per location, € 1.95 per month per team member, the subscription can be terminated on a monthly basis, for the heavier user there are a number of extra modules available

Safe and protected

Data is sent via secure connections and your business-related information (customer and sales data) is securely stored and protected by advanced techniques


Make it easy for yourself and in the meantime get to know your customer

For everyone

You can use if you receive customers in a Salon, a Salon at home or if you visit clients with a mobile Salon

Customer relationship

You need to build a relationship with a customer, what is he or she willing to buy, booking and payment behavior, all things you can keep up with


With the customer history you immediately have important information at hand and you avoid annoying or embarrassing situations


Reward loyal customers with discounts or free treatments, this is an extra module of € 0 per month

Customer Cards

Easily create and sell gift cards, vouchers and subscribers cards and link them to physical cards, this is an extra module of € 12.95 per month per location


The Agenda plays a crucial and central role, you immediately see what you have to do that day, which spots are available and it can determine how many team members or employees are required

24/7 Bookings

Your customers can always and from anaywhere schedule their appointments, as if you are always open

Automatic automatically sends personalized Appointment Confirmations, Reminders and Reschedule Requests

Customer contact

Reduce your phone, email and social media messages by directly communicating with your customer over Appointment linked Chat messages

Reduce No-Shows

Reduce No-Shows and ghost bookings with a mandatory online advance or prepayment, customers can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours prior to an appointment


Receive new customers and show them who you are and what you do


Receive reviews from customers and improve your services to the wishes of your customer, only customers are really present weve got a writing review


Receive bookings from new customers searching for treatments in Places within


Each place has its own search engine optimized website


Increase consumer confidence with all kinds of useful Widgets for your company's website

Daily Discounts

Easily create schedules for special discounts at specific times such as celebration offers or off-peak discounts, this is an extra module of € 0 per month per location


o Receive your customers behind a counter with a PC or, for example, in a very personal way with a tablet in your hand


As an Administrator you have complete control over all your locations (opening hours, photos, price lists), employees and bookings

Work floor

There is a special limited version of the Agenda for employees on the work floor


The learning curve for the workplace agenda for employees is low, a short explanation of the possibilities is usually sufficient


With various settings you protect your Agenda and Customer data on the work floor for abuse


Making daily cash registry summaries and calculating turnover is no longer necessary, after closing time you only have to check the cash register on details


Combine the payment of treatments and product sales in one and the same booking


Accurate keep track of your customers payments per payment method


Follow (live) the Sales and Sales data of your locations, customers or employees


Make various reports per location with daily, weekly and monthly revenues and product sales data, this is an extra module of € 7.95 per month


Employees can be salaried, but they can also be self-employed

Work schedules

Easily create for a team member daily or weekly work schedules at one or more locations at the same time

Working hours Registration

With the working hours time clock combined with the handling of appointments, working times are accurately recorded, this extra module is automatically on when Reports is on


Make various reports per team member with daily, weekly and monthly revenues and product sales data, this is an extra module in combination with the module working hours registration of € 6.95 per employee per month


Easily inform team members about their working days and times, this is an extra module of € 3.95 per employee per month


Avoid that you have to sell no because you do not have a work material or sales product in stock, all items in Stock are extra modules and costs jointly € 12.95 per location per month

Sales products

Easily manage the inventory of sales products by location

Sales registration

Upon sale, the stock data is immediately updated automatically

Work materials

Easily manage the stock of work materials per location


Hopefully we have been able to convince you of the usefulness and extensive possibilities of for your Salon


Every beauty salon that is registered as a company (regular salons, home salons or mobile salons) can sign up with